Circulair economy

ARBO strongly supports the vision of a circular economy and the strive for zero waste and increased material efficiency as well as increased energy efficiency.

A long lifetime by design, as the market requires durable and reliable products.

  1. Simple maintenance and repair including availability of spare parts contribute to a prolonged lifetime of the products.
  2. A high recyclability of the materials in the products.
  3. A shift in packaging away from plastic based packaging to materials based on renewable sources like wood, pulp and cardboard.
  4. Increasing digitalization of the products, which allows for optimization of performance and maintenance, which again reduce waste and increase the lifetime of the products.
  • We noticed that many of our clients do not make use of the manual that we supply per product. For that reason we decided to supply per order line viz per product type 1 manual as from today.
  • However, for Consignment stock (CS) orders, we will remain to supply 1 manual per product.
  • Should you require more manuals or other languages, these can be downloaded from our Portal via our website. If you have no login yet, you may request it at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..